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Thursday - Sep 10th, 2015

About tAppAds

tAppAds is the go-to directory platform on the web, bringing all of your categorized content:

Text/Copy | Images | Video | Maps | Maps | PDF's

to any device:

LIttle Screens | Big Screens | Everything In-Between Screens

Let your target audience find ANYTHING in your catalog with just a few taps, fast! No page reloads and no back-button required.

tAppAds Is:

  • a Single Page App for the browser
  • an app in the App Store and Google Play Store
  • a kiosk in a resort hotel or resaurant lobby, a library, or a doctors office
  • a one-off website showcasing your collections by category
  • an enterprise scale product catelog for customers and vendors
  • an entire spreadsheet of data turned into a tapp-friendly web application
  • a convention and trade show directory with real-time vendor updates
  • an events directory

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tAppAds Has:

  • cloud reliability and scalability
  • a beautifully modern, simple, and intuitive admin interface
  • image and video uploads or popular CDN connections
  • groups of content units to serve different targets
  • data fed by remote API or networked secure SQL database
  • secure account access control of discrete content units
  • feedback - of virtually every interaction in the UI

tAppAds Can:

  • be themed with your favorite colors and images
  • customized to the lingo of your content
  • be managed from home, the office, or the shop
  • make your content shine and smoke your competition
  • hang on your website or ours
Techical/Business Model:
  • tAppAds is a SaaS based CCDP - a Categorized Content Directory Platform
  • tAppAds is an acapF framework module
    • built on a solid LEMP stack
    • hosted in the Cloud
    • packaged as a responsive HTML5 application
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